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Photo: Stocksy/Marta Locklear

There are perks and downfalls to both the single and coupled-up life. When you’re flying solo, you don’t have to compromise on Netflix choices, but life with a partner is correlated with better telomeres (AKA the cellular markers of aging). And according to new survey, your relationship status is kind of a huge indicator when it comes to your bedsheet cleanliness.

Mattress Advisor polled over 1,000 people and found that single people are waiting an average of 16 days more than couples to wash their sheets. As far as the breakdown between genders: Men are waiting 10 days longer than women, but also ranked not changing bedsheets immediately after sex as grosser than women did. Somewhat counterintuitively, however, on average men wait 12 days to wash their sheets after sexual activity while women only waited 4.

Single people are waiting an average of 16 days more than couples to wash their sheets.

So where exactly is the sweet sleep spot? According to some experts you’re best off washing your bedsheets once a week (and our pillowcases weekly) for optimal cleanliness and allergen prevention. Plus, you shed skin and sweat into your sheets every single night, for hours. So in addition to washing more regularly, you may want to consider upgrading your detergent or even ordering some new (top-rated) bedsheets.

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