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Water-loving Europeans take over Tribeca’s Franklin Street

Aire Ancient Baths at 88 Franklin Street
Aire Ancient Baths at 88 Franklin Street


Last month we reported that a Spanish company is opening Aire Ancient Baths at 88 Franklin Street in Tribeca. The subterranean spa will feature candlelit baths galore (salt baths! jetted baths! ice baths!), as well as a hammam and massage rooms. Think Caracalla south of Canal.

Now we’ve just heard, via the Tribeca Citizen, that another European-led business called Aqua Studio is opening next door at 78 Franklin. No word yet on what the aquatic-fitness facility will offer, but we learned that they’ll have three floors with a pool in the subcellar and some massage offerings.

Any theories on these super similar side-by-side businesses? Are the Europeans telling us to chill the eff out? And where are you most likely to go—Aire Ancient Baths or Aqua Studio? Or whichever offers the fluffiest towels?