Weight Watchers steps out of the stone ages

The mainstream weight-loss program is finally leaving its calorie-is-a-calorie mindset behind.
Jennifer Hudson, weight watchers
Jennifer Hudson, the current face of Weight Watchers, will have to up her veggie intake.

In a front page story on Saturday, the New York Times unveiled Weight Watchers’ groundbreaking overhaul to its rigid point system that has had women all over the country toting mini-scales and point calculators to restaurants for over 13 years. Except that it’s not groundbreaking. At all.

The new plan, company officials say, is based on “scientific findings about how the body processes different foods,” the Times reported. Now “all fruits and most vegetables are point-free. Processed foods, meanwhile, generally have higher point values, which roughly translates to: should be eaten less.” Well, duh.

Weight Watchers chocolate
Under the old point system, eating one of these chocolates would have been "better" than eating an apple.

While the rest of the health-food world long ago realized the difference between whole and processed foods, Weight Watchers was still telling women it didn’t matter whether they reached for an apple or a couple of Oreos to satisfy a mid-afternoon craving. According to the point system, apples and Oreos were the same thing. Seriously.

Thankfully, they’ve finally left this calorie-is-a-calorie mindset behind for good. Ladies and gentleman of Weight Watchers, welcome to a world of limitless produce. We think you’ll like it here.

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