Well+Good plays Secret Santa

What we're getting Lady Gaga, Mario Batali, Chelsea Clinton and other New York notables for the holidays.

Retro woman giving a presentLike the rest of you, we’ve been frantic buying last-minute gifts (and getting in our end-of-year cardio). So we let our friend Perez Hilton, who recently launched a celebrity fitness site, pull names out of the Secret Santa hat for us.

Here’s our list of the New Yorkers (and one reality TV diva from L.A. we got stuck with) for whom we’re playing Santa and what we got them. You might as well hear it from us before Perez spills the beans.

Kelly Ripa
The talk-show host suffered a stress fracture (supposedly from over-exercising) and is sidelined—no running and no Physique 57—for a month. So we’re surprising her with a Healing Cooler and a Feldenkrais session, the go-to touch therapy for runners.

lady gaga doing yoga
Maybe we should give Gaga some Lululemon, too?

Lady Gaga
To Lady Gaga, we gift Gaiam’s new surround-sound yoga mat with an iPod plug-in. Is there a more perfect gift for this rule-bending narcissist? Now she can listen to her own tunes even during music-unfriendly Bikram class.

Kim Kardashian
Of all the ridiculous things, the L.A. girl is blaming her two-month stay in New York City for her recent weight gain. To teach her some personal responsibility, we got her a gift certificate to a life-coaching session with straight-talking Laurie Gerber and the ultimate home gym from Technogym.

Mario Batali
To reward Mario’s molto championing of Meatless Mondays and vegetable butchers, we give him the raw foodies in the nude calendar. Further proof that veggies (and vegetables) are hot.

nude woman healthy
Calendar girl: "Raw Beauty: 13 Real People Gone Raw"

Sharon Gannon
Our gift to Gannon is the She Essential Beauty Sore Muscle Balm. Because we don’t think the conscious, careful vegan and Jivamukti founder would like the ingredients in China Gel if she knew what they were.

Anna Wintour
To the Vogue editor—who’s famously far too chic to work out, much less sweat—we give a Nona Vernado ensemble—fitness apparel that’s couture enough to inspire Anna to try a Spinning or barre class. Of course, she can have the front row.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Our health-promoting mayor may have banned trans fats and excess salt, but his own fried chicken-loving eating habits could use some improvement. And his digestive tract could use a break. We give Bloomberg the city’s most luxurious colonic—a session at the Core Club with Brigit Krome.

Chelsea Clinton on crutches
Clinton on crutches last April

Chelsea Clinton
Given Chelsea’s broken heel earlier this year, her spinning obsession, and a year of ducking wedding paparazzi, we thought she could use an Active Release Technique (ART) session with Keren Day at Eleven Eleven Wellness, which is swift and effective for repetitive stress injuries.

Tina Fey
The creator of 30 Rock has beauty, brains, wit, and, thanks to running and regular yoga, a teeny dress size. What could the New Yorker who has come into her own need? A mantra! We’ve got the perfect one: “I love Well+Good. I love Well+Good.”

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