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Well+Good’s Top Stories: January 2012

In case you spent an unplugged week in the Caribbean or too many work emails made you miss Well+Good's, we bring you a recap of the month's top stories.

Just in case you spent an unplugged week in the Caribbean or too many work emails made you miss Well+Good’s, we’re highlighting our top stories from the past month. Here’s what you may have missed:


New York City’s most beautiful yoga studios
Let’s just come out and say it: Pretty yoga studios matter. We rounded up the nine most design-conscious spaces in the city.

Brooklyn’s boutique fitness scene takes off
With studios popping up all over New York’s hippest outer borough, the Brooklyn boutique fitness scene is finally getting its legs. Meet its toned, tattooed leaders.

10 foods for happiness
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Never Diet Again
Mohonk Mountain House's progressive weight loss program teaches you to Never Diet Again

Never Diet Again: The successful diet program that teaches you not to diet
A “diet aficionado” replaces self-criticism with self-awareness at Mohonk Mountain House. We got the skinny.

Natural lipstick maven creates a beauty line for the NARS-loving woman
Sasha Plavsic, founder of natural Ilia lipsticks that look and feel like a traditional luxury brand, is poised to be the Bobbi Brown of better-for-you cosmetics.

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If I’m looking to put on a dress and call it a workout, does 90 minutes of salsa lessons count? We hid a few heart rate monitors under our frocks to find out.

The 1o-minute test that can help you lose weight
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