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yoga in Grand Central is cause for arrest and handcuffs
Apparently covering a yoga flash mob on Well+Good alerted the MTA police—sorry! (Flickr/Nathan Griffith)

A yoga event that was supposed to symbolize peace and human potential amid the frenzy of city life almost became a chaotic mob of yogis handcuffed on their mats.

After we published our story on the yoga flash mob that was set to take place this evening in Grand Central station, the buzz began to grow.

It got so loud, apparently, that the MTA police heard the rumblings.

After a phone call from the MTA police chief, in which he reportedly threatened mass arrests, Miles Bukiet, of Storm Yoga, and his team of flash-mob organizers decided to call off the event.

“After much deliberation, we’ve decided to regroup so as to be certain that our flash mob goes down right and doesn’t end with dogs and tasers,” he wrote in an email to all of the yogis who had responded on Facebook (160 as of today).

The group is hosting a much less ambitious picnic in Bryant Park at the same time instead.

But it’s not all innocent.

They’ll be brainstorming and planning another flash mob that will take place mid-September. This time, they’re keeping the details quiet. —Lisa Elaine Held