Well+Good’s Top Stories: April 2013

Did your busy month keep you from checking in with us? Here's a highlight of what you might have missed at Well+Good.

If your overflowing inbox has prevented you from getting to your Well+Good emails, fear not. We’ve compiled our best articles from the past month so you can catch up on the most important health and wellness news you may have missed.

5 new guides to detoxing your diet for spring

5 new guides to detoxing your diet for spring
Is your diet in need of some spring cleaning? A new crop of books from wellness experts and celebs may be just the ticket.

Spinning in the pool
Aqua Studio is taking spinning to the pool.

At New York’s newest spin studio, the bikes are in the pool
Give your swimsuit a workout. Tribeca’s Aqua Studio introduces Aquaspinning classes to New York City.

The Rowing Revolution
It’s not just for burly Ivy League dudes. Three new studios want you for their group-fitness crew. Meet the players in New York’s indoor rowing regatta.

Jillian Michaels names the 3 biggest workout motivation pitfalls
Do you know what makes you skip a workout? It could be one of these motivation pitfalls, says Michaels. Here’s how to avoid them.

Do you have a leaky gut?
It’s not the sexiest term, but it’s one you should probably know. “Leaky gut” is now implicated in all kinds of issues that may be affecting your health.

The 9 healthiest bakeries in New York
Don’t stop eating your kale. But a number of delicious city bakeries are subbing out evil ingredients and catering to vegans and Celiac sufferers.

Barre studio primer
Get the scoop on barre classes across the country.

The Barre Studio Primer
A coast-to-coast guide to all the major barre studios on the country’s boutique fitness scene.

Marathon mania: Should running 26.2 miles really be everyone’s fitness goal?
In the past, elite runners did marathons. Now, it’s a fitness bucket list item for the rest of us. We investigate the good and the bad of the marathon boom.

4 spring beauty launches we love
We tapped these natural newcomers as the beauty brands most likely to blossom this spring.

15 hot summer workout tanks
Heat up your workout in the season’s hottest, fashion-forward tanks.

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