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Well+Good’s Top Stories: March 2013

We’ve compiled our best articles from the past month so you can catch up on the most important health and wellness news you may have missed.

If your overflowing inbox has prevented you from getting to your Well+Good emails, fear not. We’ve compiled our best articles from the past month so you can catch up on the most important health and wellness news you may have missed.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s tips on how to live “The Honest Life”
In celebration of her new book, we asked Hollywood starlet Jessica Alba to share for a few tips on how women can live a healthier, more sustainable life.

The Squeeze
The Squeeze

3 spring juice recipes from The Squeeze truck
Usher in spring with these juice recipes from Karliin Brooks, founder of The Squeeze, an organic juice and raw food truck in Manhattan.

Why you should stick your butt out at the gym
Celebrity trainer David Kirsch gave us the lowdown on the proper squat technique.

Sheer Genius: How Lululemon’s competitors are capitalizing on its gaffe
Find out how a bunch of indie clothing lines are using Lululemon’s quality control issue as a way to market their own small-batch brands.

10 amazing wellness escapes to recharge spring
These renewing retreats—from Miami Beach to Marrakech—will recharge your wellness batteries with workouts, yoga, spa treatments, and lots of sunshine.

7 products that give you shiny hair in one shot
Yes, technically hair is dead. But it doesn’t have to look that way. These all-natural shine-boosters help it look healthier in one shot.

The 2011 Brooklyn Half
The 2011 Brooklyn Half (Photo: Flickr/Pablo 57)

The fit person’s guide to running your first Half Marathon (with training plan!)
New to long-distance running but not the gym? City Coach founder Jonathan Cane gave us this 10-week downloadable guide and tips for running your first 13.1-mile race.

Recipe: Blackberry Superfood Smoothie
Each delicious ingredient in this pre-spring smoothie carries nutritional superpowers that will put a pep in your step.

5 need-to-know poses for yoga newbies
New to the yoga scene? YogaWorks’s Chrissy Carter suggests practicing these poses to build your yoga confidence.

Workouts without studios
New York’s real estate market has created a growing group of homeless fitness brands running classes out of all kinds of spaces.

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