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On the Wellness Wire: July 31, 2010

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On the wellness wire this week, poor Chelsea Clinton’s wedding guests will have to be vegan for one entire meal. MSNBC tries to explain what that means.

The true superhero identity of our friend Yoga Dork is revealed in the New York Times (though not her face), making it the first yoga-related piece in the paper that actually breaks news and not, um, wind.

John Friend doesn’t like the way the New York Times fact checks its articles. The Anusara founder responds to Mimi Swartz’s piece last weekend on his six-figure sun salutations. A flurry of instant comments from yogis on this issue suggests that this group will soon be able to reply promptly to an email.

Wanderlust, the uber yoga-music-nature festival, kicks off with tented classes, a concert by Moby, and a video of Elena Brower practicing yoga in a moving gondola. Thousands of New York City yogis not able to attend the Squaw Valley event demand souvenirs in the form of Wanderlust yoga apparel.

Demi Moore does Master Cleanse followed by the Clean Program and is lambasted for both on Twitter and in the NY Daily News.

Book reviewer Michiko Kakutani didn’t like Stefanie Syman’s “overall narrative” in The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America. The book is missing “the latest permutations of the yoga boom in America” (aka the gossip)—and the retail price of Lululemon Groove pants, which Kakutani doesn’t hesitate to provide in the review.