Well+Good’s 2015 Wellness Trends Launch Party recap

Wellness Trends Recap openerThis week, we revealed our sixth annual Wellness Trends to a group of wellness leaders and insiders at Haven’s Kitchen, a healthy hotspot that borders two of New York’s most fitness-dense neighborhoods.

The evening featured (a seriously fun!) panel discussion with super quotable stuff from experts from Dr. Frank Lipman to Barry’s Bootcamp COO Joey Gonzalez, moderated by Well+Good co-founder Melisse Gelula.

Everyone enjoyed bottles of Vital Juice and green-juice cocktails, kale crostini (of course), Mio skin-care swag, and a sneak peek at NBC’s brand new online fitness network, Radius, which launches this week.

Weren’t able to attend? Check out the highlights, then view all of 2015’s Wellness Trends, right here.

(Photos: Larkin Clark for Well+Good)


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Wellness_Trends__04Carbon38 co-founder Caroline Gogolak with Well+Good co-founder Alexia Brue, and Well+Good senior editor Lisa Elaine Held.


Wellness_Trends__02Guests enjoyed Vital Juice cocktails, like a holiday-season White Russian, featuring the Vital Almond blend.

Wellness trends photo 013Carbon38 co-founder Caroline Gogolak with Lauren Imparato and Mio Skincare founder Sian Sutherland.



Wellness_Trends__03Panelist, author, and wellness expert Frank Lipman, MD, with celeb chef, cyclist, and Hero Food author Seamus Mullen.


Wellness Trends 2015 photo9LuliTonix founder Lianna Sugarman, with Sakara co-founder Whitney Tingle, yoga goddess Lauren Imparato, Sakara co-founder Danielle DuBoise, and Sakara content director Gabriela Lester-Coll.


Wellness trends NBCNBC gave Well+Good guests a sneak peek at the network’s brand-new online fitness platform, called Radius.

Top: Well+Good co-founder Alexia Brue with Nicholas Lehman, President of Digital, Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Marketing at NBCUniversal, Nathan Suh, Sr Director of Business Development at NBC Sports, and Jill Cromwell-Wang, Advertising Director at Well+Good.

Bottom: NBC’s creative and marketing exec, Tina Potter, and Ron Wechsler, VP of NBC Sports Group.



A first look at NBC’s new online fitness streaming platform and app, Radius, which launches this week.



Wellness_Trends__07aMischief Media Group founder Jocelyn Levy with Bari’s Sarah Levy and founder Alexandra Bonetti Perez and 305 Fitness creator Sadie Kurzban.



Wellness_Trends__08Co-founders Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue introduced the panel to an eager crowd of wellness insiders. Use of cellphones for Tweeting and Instagramming was encouraged. Check out #2015Wellness for some of the buzz.



Wellness_Trends__10It was a packed house, full of health experts, top fitness instructors, yoga luminaries, and CEOs of wellness brands.


The experts definitely created a lively discussion, with the panel tackling issues like, is refined sugar just as bad as the natural form found in fruit? Should we be using activated charcoal as a detox tool now that it’s in more and more products like juice? And why more fashion designers are getting into fitness clothing—and whether or not they’re nailing performance fabrics.



wellness trends collage 3The guests getting a first look at the trends at the event and enjoying the banter of the panel.


Wellness Trends PanelThe evening’s panelists, from left Edward Balassanian, CEO of Vital Juice; Melisse Gelula, co-founder and editorial director of Well+Good, Joey Gonzalez, COO of Barry’s Bootcamp; Dr. Frank Lipman, author, functional medicine expert, and founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness; Aarti Kapoor, head of Health & Wellness for Moelis & Company, and Caroline Gogolak, co-founder and president of Carbon38.



Wellness_Trends__endCheck out our complete list of 13 Wellness Trends for 2015 now.

Want to see how accurate our crystal ball’s been? Here are our trend predictions for 2014 and for last year, too.

(Photos: Larkin Clark for Well+Good)


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