Welcome to the era of lunar everything

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In 2018, everyone’s becoming moonstruck. Conversations about Mercury in retrograde and your Saturn return are becoming as mainstream as horoscopes. Expect monthly Moon Reports to grow in popularity, as more people consult the planet as a guide for personal growth—and a thought-starter for dinner party conversations.

Cosmic cool kids are setting intentions that are aligned with the new moon and the full moon (said to be potent times)—or flocking to full moon sound baths at Wanderlust Hollywood, new moon ceremonies at Space by Mama Medicine in New York City, and guided moon rituals with meditation guru Kelly Morris.

“Even five years ago when I talked about moon cycles, it was like blank stares coming back at me.” —Astrologer Jennifer Racioppi

Even if you personally haven’t started planning your dinner parties by lunar cycles (or joined Moon Club, a monthly online membership program for “spiritual activists” founded by The Numinous founder Ruby Warrington and Alexandra Roxo), there are plenty of women ogling Mandy Moore’s crescent-shaped necklace on This Is Us (in between sobs) and using the moon as as a guide for reflection and personal growth.

The moon—with its monthly cycles and powerful pull that can make oceans (and your uterus) move to its rhythm—has become something of a #girlpower totem, says Well+Good contributing astrologer Jennifer Racioppi. Women are looking to feel empowered.

“Even five years ago when I talked about moon cycles, it was like blank stares coming back at me,” Racioppi says. “Now [women can’t get enough of it] because it’s a way we can connect with the power of these natural forces that we’re aligned with.”

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