Wellness Week gets in shape

SpaFinder just launched Wellness Week, and perusing this year's offerings makes us marvel at how the once spa-centric company has branched out into fitness.

Grammercy Pilates Fitness
On the reformer at Grammercy Pilates Fitness

SpaFinder just launched Wellness Week, and perusing this year’s offerings makes us marvel at how much the concept of spa has evolved in the last few years.

It used to be that SpaFinder, like the spas listed there, only offered the expected enticements—spa treatments. While, sure, many spas offered a fitness component, the standard just wasn’t as high as the beauty and spa treatments offered. And SpaFinder didn’t partner with fitness-only venues.

Now fitness is an integral part of the spa concept, which has broadened in popular understanding. The word spa comprises anything that is part of an overall wellness-oriented lifestyle, whether it’s an acupuncture session or a Pilates class.

SoHo Sanctuary's fitness studio
SoHo Sanctuary's fitness studio

Spas themselves have heeded the call by improving the level of yoga instruction to stay on par with the growing sophistication of fitness studio culture. The Montage Resort, for example, partners with big-time West Coast yogi Ashley Turner for retreats and their whole yoga program has improved as a result. NYC-based Physique 57 takes its barre on the road to spas that include Canyon Ranch and One & Only.

So instead of jumping on the 50% off a facial, scrub, or massage, consider that you could be saving on high-end fitness experiences too. We scoured the athletic offerings to bring you this list of favorites:

  • SoHo Sanctuary: This mind-body oasis in the middle of SoHo is offering a personal training session followed by a 45-minute massage for $100.
  • Gramercy Pilates Fitness: Test-drive Steve Wheeler boutique boot camp (attendance is capped at just 4) for $10 a session.
  • Zenyasa Yoga & Wellness Studio: Check out the mind-body fitness options at this Upper West Side studio where slow-flow yoga is combined with seated meditation. Class themes vary by element, meaning a wood theme class might focus on rooting standing poses. During Wellness Week you can get a 5-class card for $45 and a 10-class one for $80.

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