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Introducing Good Vibes, Well+Good’s new (woo woo) wellness video series where you’ll get a seriously immersive peek into the new age, the energy-charged, and the out-there stuff healthy influencers are buzzing about right now. 

Infrared sauna therapy is making waves with celebs, the wellness-obsessed, and detox-happy yogis from coast to coast. Case in point: Downtown New York City cool girls (and founders of Sky Ting Yoga) Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones, who just installed an infrared sauna in their new, light-filled Tribeca studio.

So what’s the deal with infrared? The difference from a regular sauna is the invisible radiant energy, which raises your body’s core temperature rather than the temperature around you. Translation: It’s a total sweat fest (and, allegedly, an amazing detox).

We joined the business partners inside Sky Ting’s in-studio Higher Dose sauna for a peek at what the experience is really like. Important observations (“I feel like my organs are going to cook”) and hilarious real talk (“What’s the heat capacity for iPhones?”) above.

Want to try it yourself? Here’s your deep dive on the buzzy benefits of infrared heat, and the complete guide to having your most detoxifying sauna experience yet.