What is the most important exercise for women?

Harley Pasternak, author of "5-Factor Fitness," explains the one exercise he thinks is most important for women. Hint: it's the key to "good posture, a tight tummy, perky breasts, a sexy back, toned arms and a 'longer' torso."

By AOL Health, Harley Pasternak

woman rowing

Between sitting in front of a computer, driving a car and texting on our phones, we spend a disproportionate amount of time doing things in front of us, often with slouched shoulders and hunched backs.

For women, this is exacerbated by the additional frontal weight of breasts. Regardless of their bra size, women tend to avoid pushing out their chests, and as a result, they often develop a “gorilla-like” posture. Read more to learn the one most important exercise for a woman’s body, according to Pasternak.

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