What kind of fish are you really eating?

A new study found that a majority of New York grocery stores and restaurants are mislabeling their seafood and sushi –an act which could have major health implications.

sushiBy Deborah Dunham for Blisstree.com

Think you know what kind of fish you’re getting when you shop, dine out, or eat sushi? You don’t, according to a new study that says something’s fishy in New York City. According to the report, a majority of grocery stores and restaurants were caught for mislabeling their seafood and sushi and selling customers a cheaper fish substitute–an act which could have major health implications.

Published by the ocean conservation group Oceana, 39% of the fish tested in the study was deemed to be inaccurately labeled. Meaning, instead of that quality piece of salmon or swordfish you thought you were getting, cheap fish was substituted.

In addition, forensic DNA analysis uncovered 58% of 81 New York retailers and eateries sampled incorrectly labeled the seafood they sold. And, nearly all of the sushi tested was “counterfeit.” So who knows what you’ve been eating.

Keep reading for more on the “counterfeit” fish problem and how to avoid it…

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