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Aether gets the cold-weather lifestyle and its challenges—by making gorgeous winter jackets.


When temperatures drop and daylight wanes, motivation to leave your cozy bed for a workout (or, um, work) dwindles with it.

But, even if you’re tempted to curl up under the comforter and blast your space heater, with the right cold-weather apparel it’s so much easier to get from home to workout—and stay active all winter long.

Aether gets the cold-weather lifestyle and its challenges, starting with winter coats, one of the Los Angeles-based fashion brand’s specialties. They’re made with high-tech fabrics to keep you warm and have city-friendly details like phone pockets and low-bulk down.

Click through to see the look book of this season’s coolest winter jackets from Aether that are designed to help you brave the urban tundra (and look good darn good doing it).

(Photo: Aether)


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anorak-slate_blue-frontAether Anorak

A modern take on the classic pullover, Aether’s anorak is designed for colder days in the city. Filled with 40 grams of PrimaLoft insulation, its has just the right amount of heft to keep you warm, while still being low-volume and slim-fitting, so you don’t feel like a marshmallow on the subway or strapped into your car seat belt.


(Photo: Aether)


polar_trenchAether Capsule Down

Designed to handle the arctic freeze of deep winter, including relentless urban wind tunnels that mimic Alaska, Aether’s Capsule coat offers extreme warmth in a super flattering silhouette. Loaded with 800-fill power of grey-goose down, it’s Aether’s most luxuriously insulated city jacket to date.


(Photo: Aether)


shelter_ws-wine-frontAether Shelter Hoodie

Aether’s Shelter Hoodie is a versatile and cozy layer designed for the urban-outdoors. Filled with 60 grams of PrimaLoft insulation, the Shelter Hoodie offers exceptional heat retention without bulk and is made from a silky-soft fabric in amazing colors you’ll never want to take off.


(Photo: Aether)