What we’re pretty damn grateful for this Thanksgiving…

"The key to gratitude is not to leave it on the Thanksgiving table," says Robert Emmons, a pioneer in gratitude research. So at Well+Good, we're sharing some of the things we're grateful for.

Yoga at work “One of the best cures for materialism is to make somebody grateful for what they have,” says Jeffrey J. Froh, an assistant professor of psychology at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. He’s behind a growing body of research on how gratitude—and simply saying “Thank you”—majorly improves the quality of your inner life. Something our yoga and meditation teachers have been telling us for years, but haven’t had the double-blind studies to prove.

“The key is not to leave it on the Thanksgiving table,” says Robert Emmons, a professor of psychology at the University of California-Davis and a pioneer in gratitude research.

So here at Well+Good we wanted to practice the attitude of gratitude, and thank you, dear readers, for inspiring our articles, attending our events, and making our jobs so fun and rewarding, plus show our appreciation for a few other things…not in order of importance.

Lululemon Fast in Flight Tote
Thank you! Pockets in Lulu's tote keep laptop from gym gear

1. The Vitamix blender which makes us all smoothie maestros

2. Gym bags that double as a work bags

3. The Juno sports bra—because everything should stay exactly where it is (during a workout and for years to come)

4. Jill Blakeway, for creating her own special baby boom

5. Hygienic mani-pedis

Alex Auder
Thank you, Alex Auder, for your yogi intellect and sense of humor!

6. A city of brilliant, butt-kicking yoga teachers—Elena Brower, Alex Auder, and Marisa Sako just to name a few

7. Proof that resveratrol in wine makes it good for you

8. Facials with extractions

9. Cetaphil facial wash—for inspiring a serious conversation about cleaner cleansers and skin-care ingredients

10. Flywheel’s torque dial, Soul Cycle’s showers

Rooftop farm Brooklyn Grange
Thank you! Rooftop farmers of the Brooklyn Grange in LIC

11. Tricks for meditating and keeping our calm and not jockeying for seats on the subway and other bad behaviors

12. Healthy food newcomers: Bareburger, maker of the lean Elk Burger, the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm, and Simply Peeled‘s dairy-free frozen dessert

13. The fact that 20-minute workouts can be effective

What are you grateful for this year? Tell us in the Comments, below!

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