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What will Manduka do with all of those John Friend yoga mats?

john friend manduka
John Friend and Manduka, in simpler times.


The Anusara scandal continues to unfurl, but Manduka’s John Friend–branded yoga mats are staying rolled up for now.

The top yoga mat purveyor just released its line of extra-long John Friend mats this past November, and when we went on the site to check if they had reacted to the current situation, the mats had disappeared into the virtual abyss.

“They have yet to make a decision relative to continuing to sell the collection,” wrote Marci Collins, Manduka’s PR person, when we asked her where they had gone. “In this current moment, they are respecting John’s privacy and gathering facts to determine what makes the most sense long term.”

Our question is: If Manduka does decide to permanently pull the plug on the collection, what will they do with all of those John Friend yoga mats?

Got a suggestion? Tell us what you think they should do, in the Comments, below.