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What you need to know about The Sweat Series. Your guide to getting a spot!

The Sweat Series
Today your inbox had a special message from us and Athleta introducing The Sweat Series!

Well+Good handpicked top fitness instructors across Manhattan for sweaty, rad—and complimentary—workouts that will be hosted by Athleta in its New York City stores. There are 18 classes altogether in 2014, and they’re all on Sunday mornings.

What else do you need to know about The Sweat Series? Here’s the 411 and a guide to getting a spot!

1. These classes are complimentary and take place on various Sunday mornings before the store opens.

2. The classes are first come, first served! There is no registration. (But put it in your calendar now.)

3. The doors open at 9 a.m. All classes start at right at 9:30 a.m. The first 30 people in line at the door will get a spot in the class, access to private shopping, and more.

4. You must be in line when the doors open. In healthy fairness to your fellow Well+Good readers, you cannot hold a spot for a friend or two, who just dashed over to City Bakery for pretzel croissants and green juice.

5. Come on in, prepare to sweat!

For class dates, instructor intel, and more information, visit The Sweat Series event page—and check it often to see which top trainer will make you sweat next.