What’s for lunch? Make this Organic Avenue nori wrap in 29 seconds

Notoriously bad at bringing your lunch to work? Then you're probably about ready to OD on pseudo-healthy deli wraps. Try this fast and easy one made with nori.

Organic Avenue Nori Wrap RecipeIf you’re notoriously bad at bringing your lunch to work, you’re probably about ready to OD on pseudo-healthy deli wraps. Check out this super easy five-ingredient Nori Wrap recipe from Organic Avenue. You can use their raw-food ingredients—or our substitutes. Organic Avenue founder Denise Mari stars in this cute how-to video, proving you can knock out this nutrient-rich wrap in just 29 seconds.

Organic Avenue Nori Wrap

Yields: 6 Large Wraps
5  Nori Sheets (Or you could also use a blanched collard green leaf!)
1 container Hummus
1 Creamy Dandelion Salad (This is a bonus ingredient, if you ask me. But it’s delish.)
1 Kale Dulse Salad (Or use shredded kale massaged with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and a TBSP of tahini)
Handful Sunflower Sprouts

Place one nori sheet on a cutting board or large plate and spread hummus, creamy dandelion, and kale dulse salad thickly along the edge. Top with sunflower sprouts and roll like a burrito or sushi roll.

For more prepared raw foods from Organic Avenue, check out www.organicavenue.com

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