Which 20 lipsticks contain the most lead?

Is it true there’s lead in lipstick? Sure is. Check out the list of the 20 most contaminated.
Photo: NoMoreDirtyLooks.com
Photo: NoMoreDirtyLooks.com


By Siobhan O’Connor for NoMoreDirtyLooks.com

Remember the whole lead in lipstick thing? It’s back.

Of course, it never really went away. We’re regularly consulted about cosmetics, and the question comes up pretty much every time we do an interview. It also pops up at cocktail parties, business meetings, and during first encounters with friends of friends. “Is it true there’s lead in lipstick?” Sure is.

It’s a sticky, clicky factoid that’s been around for years, and if I’m being honest, it kind of bugs me because I think it sort of distracts us from the bigger picture, which is that there’s all kinds of garbage in all kinds of other products, too.

Keep reading for a list of the 20 most lead-contaminated lipsticks…

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