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Whole Foods to debut a rooftop greenhouse in Gowanus

At Whole Foods' new store in Gowanus, the greens won't be farm-to-table, they'll be roof-to-shelf.
A rendering of Whole Foods Gowanus, with its rooftop greenhouse farm.
A rendering of Whole Foods Gowanus, with its rooftop greenhouse farm.

At Whole Foods’ new store in Gowanus, the greens won’t be farm-to-table, they’ll be roof-to-shelf. The grocer is partnering with Gotham Greens to build a 20,000-square-foot rooftop greenhouse farm at the Brooklyn store, which is set to open this fall.

Gotham Greens, which currently sells its Greenpoint-grown produce at Whole Foods Markets, will design, build, and operate the greenhouse, and its crops will include pesticide-free leafy greens, herbs, and tomatoes. The produce will be sold in the Gowanus store and at other Whole Foods locations in New York.

It will even be outfitted with green technology that cuts water usage and saves energy (not to mention the fact that the emissions associated with carting things downstairs are pretty nonexistent).

Seems like things are finally looking up for the neighborhood best known for its polluted canal. —Lisa Elaine Held