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Whole Foods to open a Midtown East location in August

Whole Foods
After hauling groceries home from Columbus Circle or the new Fairway on 86th Street, Midtown East residents are getting their own Whole Foods

After over a decade of neglecting the residents of Midtown East and the Upper East Side, Whole Foods announced that its eighth Manhattan store will open this August on 57th Street and Second Avenue.

The question is: What took them so long?

Certainly not lack of demand: The Eastside is an obvious setting for a Whole Foods in New York City, with its Park Avenue stroller-pushers and hungry-at-lunch business people.

And the opening has already received cries of joy from local residents, especially from its nearby ritzy Sutton Place and Tudor City neighbors—prime clientele for the store.  

Whole Foods is one of several massive projects under way at 250 E. 57th Street, a 1.5 acre site that’s undergoing a $700 million renovation that will house two public schools and a 59-story residential tower, creating steady foot traffic for the organic grocer.

For the Eastside residents addicted to Fresh Direct, or who’ve been toting their groceries home from Whole Foods at Columbus Circle, August can’t come quickly enough. —Katharine Herrup