Whose Studio Style do you want to see?

Know a fitness guru who's also a style guru? We want to know who they are and what they're wearing to work out.
KGBody dance cardio
Dance cardio goddess Katherine Greiner in Michi NY

Admit it—you’ve shopped off your instructor at barre, yoga, or boot camp. (Well, we certainly have.)

So it was with a certain unquenchable fervor for the latest fitness fashion that we launched My Studio Style, a column that showcases the style finds of the country’s most fashion-forward (or fashion-obsessed) fitness instructors.

For inspiration on what to wear to work out, check out the instructors we’ve featured.

And if you know a fitness guru who’s also a style guru, tell us in the Comments section and maybe we’ll feature them next!

My Studio Style: Nicole Sweet and Marisa Thrasher
Yoga pants? No, thanks. The fitness instructors behind Pilates and yoga retreat company Sweet+Thrasher would rather work out in bikinis.

My Studio Style: Jennifer Johnson
An “It girl” on the Los Angeles dance cardio scene, Johnson shares fave pieces from her fitness wardrobe to help you dance your way through your next workout.

My Studio Style: Katherine Greiner
The dance cardio diva and founder of KGBody shares what she wears to look good and feel good during a sweat sesh.

My Studio Style: Stephanie Nieman
The firecracker fitness instructor at Uplift and Revolve has the workout version of what fashion mags call investing in classic (not trendy) pieces.

My Studio Style: Jenn Seracuse
What the gorgeous, stylish head of Pilates at Pilates ProWorks loves to wear to work out.

My Studio Style: Kara Liotta
The Flybarre superstar and fitness model shares the fashion picks she won’t get sweaty without.

Whose Studio Style would you like to see on Well+Good? Tell us in Comments, below!

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