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3 healthy reasons why Chrissy Teigen is the ultimate ’90s girl

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Photo: Instagram/@chrissyteigen

Whether Chrissy Teigen is sharing her yoga struggles or getting real about stretch marks, the supermodel, cookbook author, and MVP of Twitter can be counted on for some oh-so relatable reasons to giggle. So finding out that she’s also the ultimate ’90s girl is just the icing on the cool-girl cake—fingers crossed a mood-boosting succulent rendition.

In an interview with Vogue, Teigen unleashed some major healthy nostalgia, from her love of the very colorful and iconic brand that changed school supplies forever to music preferences from yesteryear and a retro piece of advice that she’ll always be thankful for. (Seriously though—it’s a beauty biggie.)

Here are 3 reasons why Chrissy Teigen is the ultimate healthy ’90s girl.

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1. Lisa Frank makes her nostalgic for the ’90s

Between the loud animal prints, endless amounts of neon, adorable animals, and rainbow-clad designs, nothing says ’90s like Lisa Frank. Teigen, who says the iconic brand makes her nostalgic, is a forever fan. (Same, girl.) Good news for Frank fanatics: It’s currently making a comeback with some bedding and PJs baby Luna will adore. Sounds about time the Teigen-Legend household gets a healthy home makeover, huh?


2. The best piece of advice she ever got was to grow out her brows

An obvious sign of the ’90s? Brows. Unlike today’s thick, full, and natural trend à la Cara Delevingne, that decade was all about a thin line over the eyes. Teigen says the best advice she ever received was when someone told her to grow ’em out—and it’s paying off. According to a new study, full, high-contrast brows appear much more youthful than the pencil-thin kind.


3. Other than John Legend, her favorite musician is “anyone from the ’90s”

While no tried-and-true ’90s girl will ever be able to get enough old-school Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, or Christina Aguilera, Teigen stuck with her hubby as her No. 1 choice. She may always have a favorite playlist of ’90s jams at the ready for workouts and errands, but since she and John always stick together, even the best of the best boy bands have to take a back seat in their relationship.

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