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By Alexandra Spunt for

Since share is in the air today, I’m going to tell you how it is that I came to abandon twenty or so odd years of vegetarianism in favor of a little conscious meat eating.

I’d like to open up the forum to discuss how it is that some people thrive as vegetarians and vegans, while others flat out fail—and not for lack of trying.

Because as much as Siobhan and I support eating less meat—and probably about 99% of carnivores could stand to cut some out—we mostly support everyone finding what is right for their body. Sans dogma!

Now, I’ve definitely heard people say that cutting out meat and dairy has helped their energy levels, their PMS, their digestion, and their skin! And I truly wish that was my story.

But it’s not. See, several months ago—when I was still a mostly-vegetarian-sometimes-vegan-sometimes-fish-eater—I was not feeling good at all. My digestion was a nightmare, which it had been for years. I was tired to the point of having trouble getting up. My mind was dull. I was generally disinterested by most things. And I wasn’t getting my period. It was just awful.

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