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Your dog may need a winter wardrobe, too. Pin It
Photo: Unsplash/Kate

Seeing a pup outfitted in a coat and booties on a cold winter day can spark serious controversy between a dog lover and their skeptical BFF or S.O., who might be of the “Dogs don’t wear clothes!” camp. But it turns out there’s a legit reason why your canine pal may need its own winter wardrobe for the chilly season.

The reality of the situation is, as The New York Times puts it, not all dogs are built to handle freezing temps without a little help from their human pals (save for arctic breeds like huskies, Samoyeds, and malamutes). And while pet owners are getting onboard to shell out for the premium pet food their pups deserve, many remain reluctant to invest in the proper winter gear that’s necessary to protect their furry friends during the colder season.

Get some form of paw protection (like boots), as snow, ice, and road salt can all crack and damage the pads on the underside of pups’ paws, The New York Times reports.

While many accessories exist to help keep your canine companion healthy and warm (like a dog muff for ear coverage), there are some pretty necessary staples The Times reports all dogs will likely need. For starters, get some form of paw protection (like boots), as snow, ice, and road salt can all crack and damage the pads on the underside of pups’ paws. For smaller dogs that lack thick, dense fur, a waterproof coat is also a wise investment for your daily walks to help the animals conserve body heat. (Note that it should cover the chest area and the abdomen—where small dogs’ vital organs are most likely to be in proximity to the cold snow or splash-back from freezing rain.)

One last pro tip: Opt for two-day shipping on your fur baby’s new cold-weather wardrobe, so both of you can enjoy winter-wonderland activities with optimum levels of warmth ASAP.

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