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Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie Gyllenhaal is the latest celebrity to don the signature milk mustache to promote the beverage’s health benefits. But we’d like to ask the New York actor (whom we adore) one question:

What are you doing eating dairy??

Although Gyllenhaal’s never claimed to follow a vegan (or vegetarian) diet, and she reportedly dug into a plate of pork sausage during a Marie Claire interview, she’s a high-profile patient of integrative physician Dr. Frank Lipman and is quoted on his website as saying, “Dr. Frank Lipman’s programs have changed my life. I eat and drink what he tells me to and I feel great for it.”

Well, we’re pretty sure he’s told her to avoid milk. He’s certainly told us.

We also spotted her dining at vegan hotspot JivamukTea cafe with husband Peter Saarsgard this summer. She may have been drinking a latte there, but she was definitely taking it with almond or soy. Maybe, for Maggie, dairy’s one of those hard habits to kick. It totally is for us.