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Why Naked Juice isn’t naked

The PepsiCo juice brand came under fire for its misleading "all-natural" claims. Here's what you need to know.
(Photo: Naked Juice)

By Jessica Chia for

PreventionNaked Juice’s all-natural claims were under fire earlier this month in a California Central District court. The ingredients in question: Fructooligosaccharides—indigestible, super-sweet sugars that occur naturally in some produce but are often manufactured; Inulin—another saccharine, plant-based dietary fiber that can be crafted in labs; Fibersol-2—a trademarked corn syrup built to beef up fiber content; and genetically modified soy.

As a result, Naked Juice’s parent company PepsiCo will be paying a $9 million settlement, scuttle “all-natural” claims from its labels, and tap an outside consultant to confirm that ingredients don’t exceed non-GMO thresholds. However, don’t expect them to be pulling GMO-free claims from the sweet drinks’ labels.

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