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coffee smoothieCoffee usually gets a bad wrap among healthy types. It’s addictive, dehydrating, and makes you super cranky to be around when you can’t get your fix, say plenty of physicians, nutritionists, and yogis.

But (organic) coffee beans do have health benefits—like high levels of antioxidants.

Last week, popular yoga teacher (and inversionist extraordinaire) Raghunath, tackled this issue in his newsletter, citing an Ayurvedic doctor’s perspective on coffee: We need bitter foods, and most Americans don’t eat many of them. And Western studies point to health benefits like lowering diabetes and prostate cancer risk.

Raghu mentioned that what you put in coffee matters (no heaping tablespoons of sugar or half-and-half!).

Then he shared this coffee smoothie recipe—note: it calls for a hammer!—which we are sharing with you, since it sounds seriously worth brewing:

Raghunath’s All Natural Choco-Coffee Coconut Smoothie

1 cup of coffee, freshly brewed, and then chilled
1 hard coconut (Smash with hammer over the bowl to get out milk, and strain out any woody shell or coconut hair. Remove hard coconut meat the size of your palm.)
1 frozen banana
8 raw cacao beans or two tablespoons of cacao nibs
Raw honey to taste (optional)

“Blend until creamy, and live your potential!” say Raghu.