Will these reusable bags replace plastic forever?

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We’re looking for the next breakthrough in healthy travel. So we partnered with EVENⓇ Hotels to find the next big wellness necessity with a brand new competition called Mission Wellness: Seeking the Next Healthy Travel Innovation. More than 100 businesses gave us their best pitch, and we’ve narrowed down the field to the final 12—which means it’s time for you to get a say! Check out Stasher below (and take a look at the businesses it’s up against), and cast your vote by October 20.


Plastic-free storage bags

The problem

We all know how bad plastic bags are for our bodies and the environment, but sometimes it’s tricky to find alternatives that work as well for packing snacks, keeping valuables dry, or carrying cosmetics through the TSA line. And while non-plastic options like glass containers are out there, they’re often burdensome to tote around.

The solution

Stasher bags have all the same perks as resealable ones and then some—without the plastic. Created by Kat Nouri, a mom and sustainable housewares designer, the self-sealing bags are made of pure platinum silicone, a healthy alternative to plastic that’s safe for humans and the planet. They’re are cool for use in microwaves, dishwashers, and freezers, and—get this—can be used more than 3,000 times before you need to replace them.

The takeaway

Whether you’re an avid traveler or someone who basically lives out of your work tote, Stasher bags make life on the go a whole lot easier—and sustainable.

Could this be the winner? Check out the competition and cast your vote here! (And do it fast—polls close October 20.)

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