Win a Birchbox beauty subscription for you and your BFF

Refer your friend(s) and you'll have a summer of Well+Good workouts plus cult-beauty products delivered to your doorstep from Birchbox.

Friends don’t let friends work out alone.

Hopefully you’ve downloaded the Well+Good Healthy Summer Guide by now. No doubt all the yoga and fitness classes make you want to grab your BFF and head for the nearest pier or park.

To inspire you to share the healthy summer workout love, we’ve put together a tell-a-friend contest.

Encourage your friends to subscribe to Well+Good, and they’ll be entered to win a 6-month Birchbox beauty subscription for themselves—and YOU—provided they name you as their referring friend when they win.

We’re giving away three pairs of buddy prizes!

So what are you waiting for? Share this link with all your fitness and beauty-loving friends now!

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