Win an $100 Spirit Beauty Lounge gift card by sharing W+G with your friends

You're five friends away from winning a bounty of fall beauty products.
Brooklynite Spirit Demerson carefully chooses the beauty brands she carries based on these principles

Get 5 friends to subscribe to Well+Good and be automatically entered to win an $100 gift card at Spirit Beauty Lounge, the online purveyor of luxe organic and eco-friendly beauty products.

Plus, the winner’s five friends each get a natural beauty product!

Your friends can use the Subscribe box on our homepage, or you can send them this direct link:

Make sure your friends include your name in the “Referred by” box!

Once you have 5 referrals, you’ll be entered to win the contest. The contest is open until this Sunday (9/19) at noon. We’ll announce a winner that evening. GOOD LUCK!

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