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Win this workout: Rebecca Kordecki’s brand-new KOR+ DVD

We just got three of Rebecca Kordecki's brand-new KOR+ DVD Fit Kit, "The Ultimate Core and Butt Lifting Workout." Here's how you can win one!

Rebecca Kordecki Core & Butt Lifting Workout DVD

Sponsored Giveaway

Rebecca Kordecki is the tremendously toned creator of KOR+, a popular core workout that combines strength-training moves inspired by Pilates, yoga, and barefoot training in a 30-minute full-body conditioning class.

Just this week, the Hamptons fitness maven debuted her brand-new KOR+ DVD “The Ultimate Core and Butt Lifting Workout”—and we’re the first to get it.

We’re giving away three DVD Fit Kits (worth $49 each) to three lucky Well+Good readers, along with a chance to win a pair of leopard-print RK Signature Booties ($19.95) before they even hit stores.

You’ll use the booties during the Ultimate Core and Butt Lifting Workout to help you slide in and out of the tough muscle-shaking poses. Because the method taps several muscle groups at the same time, “it’s a well-rounded get-in, get-it-done workout,” says Kordecki, who teaches group and private classes in the Hamptons.

Want to know what you’re in for? Check out the video of the killer Kor+ class here.

HOW TO WIN: Tell us what your regular fitness routine is and what your most challenging body area to tone and shape is, and you’ll be entered to win one of three KOR+ DVD Fit Kits.

The kit comes with a pair of KOR+ patented booties in basic black, KOR+ sliders, a resistance band, and a KOR+ cinch bag. One winner will also win a pair of the leopard-print RK Signature Lined Booties.

Three winners will be chosen at random. You must use the Comments area, below, for your answers. Contest ends Friday, November 26 at midnight. We’ll post the names of the winners here. Good luck!