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The results of The Dailey Method's fitness motivation survey. (Photo: The Dailey Method)
The results of The Dailey Method’s fitness motivation survey. (Photo: The Dailey Method)


A national survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of The Dailey Method, a barre brand with locations in Marin County California to Paris, France, found that women rated pretty much every solid wellness and self-care reason over “bikini-ready body” as a motivating factor for working out. (Of course, we personally and professionally love this!)

Specifically, the results showed that women identified mental well-being and stress-reduction (60 percent), increased energy (38 percent), and increased self-confidence (38 percent) as their top motivations for working out, compared to just 20 percent who said a “bikini-ready body” motivated them.

Are you surprised by the poll results? Are you more interested in sanity and self-confidence than other motivating factors right now?

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