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Women's March mantra for empowerment Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Good Vibrations Images

It’s wild to think it’s already been a year since the Women’s March united strong and powerful ladies all over the country. Last January 21, people peacefully protested President Trump’s policies everywhere from New York City to Los Angeles, and it’s time to gather and march once again.

No matter what it is you’re showing up to fight for—reproductive rightsequal pay, the #MeToo movement, or something else entirely—here’s one way to *mindfully* get fired up: Listen to a mantra. And luckily, Guru Jagat has just the one. The celeb-favorite yogi’s friends, White Sun—a Los Angeles–based band known for creating musical versions of mantras—created the Women’s Empowerment and Strength Mantra, and women all over the world have already begun practicing it.

Guru Jagat’s friends, White Sun—an LA-based band known for creating musical versions of mantras—put together the Women’s Empowerment and Strength Mantra to prepare you for the Women’s March.

The totally-free-to-download mantra is a great way to gather strength before the march. Just visit White Sun’s website and enter your email. Before you know it, you’ll be in an empowering, meditative daze—and will be ready to show the world what you’re made of as you march your #bossbabe heart out.

Here are some mood-boosting mantras that wellness pros swear by. Also, this one mantra inspired a baking guru to start a multimillion-dollar business.