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Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma

Now’s the time to get your boss on board with the whole working-from-home thing: A new report found hitting the grind remotely isn’t just great for you but also has some perks for employers.

Through their research, the study authors found working from home makes worker bees happier overall (they do get to hang out with their dogs all day, after all!), and they also tend to work harder than they might in the office.

This might be because those who work remotely tend to feel the need to prove themselves more. In fact, 39 percent of study participants said they typically put in additional effort and hours while only 24 percent of in-office workers admitted the same thing.

39 percent of study participants said they typically put in additional effort and hours while only 24 percent of in-office workers admitted the same thing.

A solid WFH policy sounds like a pretty good deal for employers, right? Since staffers are happier because of the flexibility, they likely stay at their jobs longer, and they put in more and better work—it’s a professional win-win.

But while working hard is how you become the ultimate #girlboss, sprawling out on your couch in chic loungewear has its downsides when you’re going full steam ahead around the clock. It can be tough, for example, to know how or when to switch off when office boundaries are blurred: Those who work from home were found to worry about job-related issues more often.

Still, a long as you make an effort to maintain a healthy work-life balance when you work from home, you can reap the benefits without self-subscribing to all the unnecessary stress. Being happier outweighs the trade-off of logging extra hours here and there—plus, you get to wear cute yoga pants as your unofficial work uniform, which might be the biggest perk of all.

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