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Pick our Flywheel playlist: Workout with Well + Good

WellandGoodNYC Flywheel Spinning eventCongrats! If you’ve gotten a confirmation e-mail, you’ve snagged a bike at the first Workout With Well + Good event on Wednesday, May 19 at Flywheel.

As any avid Spinner will tell you (like Alexia), a killer playlist is essential to staying in the game. Please use the Comments area, below, to tell us what songs will inspire you through 45 exhilarating minutes of intervals, hills, and sprints. Remember, slow songs = hills!

Want to Workout With Us next month? Keep your schedule cleared for June 15 for Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp with trainer Ariane Hundt.

Well + Good readers get to workout for free at the top studios and gyms—alongside us. (Proof we sweat over our articles!) Stay tuned for the next event sign-up.