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IntenSati and Equinox co-hosted last night's free Workout With Well+Good. Check out the photos of us powering through the cardio-meets-martial arts moves, while chanting positive affirmations.
Alexia and Melisse of Well+Good flank our killer IntenSati leader, Natalia Petrzela

Last night at Equinox at 19th Street, a squadron of Well+Good readers flooded Natalia Petrzela’s IntenSati class for the latest Workout With Well+Good event.

Flooded is no euphemism. Natalia inspired the 75 or Well+Good subscribers (and her regular students) to take on the tough cardio-meets-martial arts moves, while chanting positive affirmations. We think our serious sweatiness showed we gave her our all.

For those of you who couldn’t join us, IntenSati is exclusive to Equinox, so the free class last night for Well+Good subscribers was a great opportunity to learn why so many New Yorkers are obsessed with the transformational mind-body workout.

As always, we were thrilled to meet you, the readers of Well+Good, and have readers meet each other. Big thanks to you all for coming—and to Natalia and IntenSati founder Patricia Moreno for the killer workout; Monique Cahn and Amanda Misrac of Lululemon Union Square for the amazing gift-bag giveaway (congrats to April!); and Sarra Morton of Equinox for hosting us.

And please join us on September 10 for another great workout at another top fitness destination. A handful of you who attended last night’s Workout already know what we have in store for you, but we’ll be announcing it officially very soon. So stay tuned! —Melisse Gelula & Alexia Brue