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hula hooping
Have you spotted these hoop dancers in New York City’s parks?


New York’s “hoop dancing” community has been gradually growing since the launch of Brooklyn’s The Hoop Movement two years ago. The organization’s hoop masters were spotted on the hill at Wanderlust NYC last summer, a “hoop jam” took place in Washington Square Park in November, and now, a new class series is set to launch in Central Park next month for anyone who’s eager to learn.

hula hooping
A “hoop jam” in Washington Square Park.

“Hooping can serve as a form of fitness and movement meditation,” says Hoop Movement founder Amy Rogers, who emphasizes that it’s a serious and super-fun workout.

“I can tell you first hand that drilling new moves can certainly work muscles in new ways, and getting into a flow can be a sweat-drenching cardio workout,” she says.

Need proof? This Sunday, The Hoop Movement hopes to demonstrate that hula hoops are not just for kids’ (and hippie festivals), through the screening of a new documentary, The Hooping Life.

The film tells the story of eight inspiring hula hoop “artists” and features a neck-hooping cameo from Shaquille O’Neal (umm…what?!). At the premiere, you can expect live demonstrations of all hooping has to offer and a hoop-centric dance party at the end.

If you had trouble with more than one hoop rotation as a 10-year-old, this should inspire you to try again.

For more information about the Central Park hooping workshop next month, call 917-830-HOOP or visit To attend the screening on Sunday, July 15, visit