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Would you use a menstrual cup?

Dear Diva Cup, I thought of you as weird, gross, crunchy and inconvenient. And then I tried you, and I realize I was wrong.

diva cup By Alexandra Spunt for No More Dirty Looks

Dear Diva Cup, I must start with an apology. For all of these years I’ve had you terribly miscast…

I thought of you as weird, gross, crunchy and inconvenient. I told myself that I’d try you some day—maybe around the same time that I’d let my hair dread.

But then a few months back we posted about the toxins in tampons. First we found out that, much like cosmetics, the use of chemicals in tampons is unregulated. And then—gasp!—our beloved o.b.s started being pulled off the shelves. In an outpouring of comments, reader and reader told us how the menstrual cup had changed their life—and the Diva in particular got a lot of love.

So last month I tried it, and within almost no time at all I realized just how wrong I’d been. Click here to read the rest of Alexandra’s apology…

Would YOU use a menstrual cup?