Would you wash your body with shampoo?

If your body wash is irritating your skin, there may be a simple, multitasking way to solve the problem.
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By Rebecca Bailey for NoMoreDirtyLooks.com

I’m working on reformulating my DIY deo, which works fabulously but sometimes leaves me a little rashy. So I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things that could potentially inflame my skin.

Because maybe it’s not all about the deodorant itself. In the shower, post-epilation, it occurred to me (and I don’t know why it didn’t years ago) that maybe if I didn’t use soap, I’d have less irritation. So I used the last bit of my Kahina Facial Cleanser to wash my underarms. It was very soothing, no burn at all.  Usually for a day or two after yanking out hairs, there’s a bit of sting when I soap up.

A fancy face cleanser hardly seems viable for this purpose long-term though, and I thought perhaps a soap free body wash would be a more frugal option.  I’d abandoned body washes years ago in favor of Dr. Bronner’s, and more recently have been loving this shampoo and body bar, so I really have not paid attention to what’s going on with body washes these days.  I am having a heck of a time finding a truly clean, non-soap body wash that is gluten free, and fragrance-free (my preference) or has a very light scent that doesn’t last.

I don’t want to stink, and while I’m sometimes labeled as hippie-esque, I’m staying on the hair removal train. So, what to do? I’ve been washing my body with my favorite shampoos!

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