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Pavlok_habit changing device that shocks you

There’s a tracker for your posture. One that measures your sleep. Bands that keep track of your steps throughout the day. And, now, there’s one that shocks you when you bite your nails or skip your workout? (Hello, fitness arm candy!)

Pavlok, a tracker that shocks you when you perform a “bad habit,” is getting a lot of attention—and you can’t even buy it yet.

“The secret to transformation is not to try harder, it’s to replace bad habits with the habits of excellence,” says a promotional video on Indiegogo, a crowd-funding site. The promo video also says it’s important to reward yourself when you do that. So yes, the brand name Pavlok does mean to evoke the psychology pioneer Ivan Pavlov, who famously trained dogs to associate food with the sound of a bell. (How does that make you feel?)

It’s not clear how the band will know when you’re performing one of your bad habits. (Please, don’t confuse my almond butter for Nutella!) But it does suggest that you can end your bad habits in 30 days. Hey, that’s a lot faster than 8 weeks.

So tell us, would you wear one? —Molly Gallagher

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