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Would you wear a tutu to barre class?

Lululemon's Rehearsal Tutu ($98)

You know barre classes have hit the big time when Lululemon debuts a “Rehearsal Tutu” and sells it next to yoga pants and running tights.

Lulu calls the $98 tulle tutu a “pull-on practice skirt” and the idea is to wear it either to dance class or to one of the many barre-based workouts.

We checked in with Kate Albarelli, the creator of Figure 4, the most ballet-based of all the barre classes. “It is such a cute idea and definitely something to aspire to,” says the former Suzanne Farrell ballerina, though Albarelli points out that Figure 4 is first and foremost a fitness class and “our students may be a little apprehensive to wear tutus.”

Would you wear a tutu to barre class? Please share your thoughts, in the Comments section below!