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bent on learning benefit WSJFurther proof that newspapers just don’t do yoga. The Wall Street Journal covered the second annual Bent on Learning benefit, hosted in New York City last Wednesday, without even mentioning the cause.

The non-profit was raising money for its meditation and yoga programs in New York City schools that have no gym teachers or gyms. (That’s about 40 percent, according to the organization.)

Instead of mentioning that each week a couple thousand NYC children get yoga class, WSJ reported on the event’s signature cocktail (granted, “Ohm-tini” is a pretty cutesy name). And the pub rattled off the celeb students in attendance (that would be Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna) who have been students of Bent on Learning’s founder, Eddie Stern, a NYC Ashtanga teacher.

Memo to Mr. Murdoch: Perhaps your journos need to spend less time boozing and more time understanding this thing called yoga that almost 16 million Americans do regularly?