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Yawning Yoga: A new book and bedtime ritual for kids

Yawning yogaCan’t get your kid to stop asking for another drink of water after lights out?

Have a friend who’s nodding off every time you have lunch together because of a monster-spooked toddler?

Yawning Yoga, a new bedtime book by Laurie Jordan, a New York yoga instructor and creator of Little Sprouts Yoga, tries a new approach to soothing a child to sleep: yoga.

It’s like Go the F**k to Sleep with better karma.

“By incorporating yoga into the bedtime routine, children of all ages will be stretching, twisting, and breathing their way into dreamland,” Jordan says on her website.

While we can’t guarantee Yawning Yoga’s effectiveness (especially since we don’t know how many sugary lollipops your kid sucked down at school), it seems like a smart approach.

After all, yoga is great at calming our nerves and minds, so why shouldn’t it help a child’s?

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