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Yoga, art, and music converge at Yoga Soundscape in June

Yoga SoundscapeOn June 3, YogaWorks is hosting “Yoga Soundscape: Becoming.

It’s a yoga class meets art installation meets orchestral (and digital) concert. And you can join in.

Aarona Pichinson, the founder (and teacher) of Yoga Soundscape, hosts yoga classes with live musicians regularly, but this event takes the concept to a new level by adding even more sensory layers.

“We go to yoga to chill out our over-thinking mind, to de-stress, to feel stronger, and to return to our body. We indulge in music and art to be inspired, to expand our perspective, to be motivated, and to challenge ourselves to dream bigger,” says Pichinson, of her inspiration. “This next step of Yoga Soundscape brings it all together.”

The event will feature six musicians (on instruments from violin and didgeridoo to laptop) who’ll play according to a scripted set of visuals that will be projected on the walls from floor to ceiling. The images will include earth and ocean patterns and creatures, sacred geometry, the nervous system, and more.

And even the yogis are in on the installation—all participants are required to wear black.

The dress code will be an easy one for New Yorkers to follow, and we can’t help but think they’ll also love the idea of cultural multi-tasking. It’s like rolling your nights at the MOMA, Knitting Factory, and Kula Yoga all into one. —Lisa Elaine Held

Yoga Soundscape: Becoming;  Sunday, June 3, 6:30–8:30 p.m. $40, $60 at the door.
To register, call 212-965-0801 or visit