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Yoga for Runners recap: JackRabbit and Well+Good teamed up with YogaWorks

JackRabbit yoga for runners class with WellandGoodNYC.comJackRabbit Sports on 14th Street transformed its showroom into a yoga studio this morning. Recovering marathoners and casual runners streamed in for a free yoga class taught by Elizabeth Neuse, a former marathoner, and a senior YogaWorks instructor.

Neuse led the crowd though a 60-minute practice that included lots of hamstring and calf muscle stretches.

Elizabeth J. Neuse yoga instructor and marathoner
Elizabeth J. Neuse is a yoga instructor and marathoner

She also peppered the class with advice on creating a yoga practice to complement your running mileage. For example, pigeon pose is great at opening the outer hips. But it should only be done after a run.

Neuse also showed us some poses for a post-run repertoire that you might not encounter in your regular vinyasa class, including one that gives a massage to the arches of the feet—a hard-to-stretch area of the body.

Mark Montgomery, JackRabbit’s store manager and a marathoner, called the class “a revelation for my hamstrings” and vowed to do yoga more regularly. Mark, we’re going to check back.

Yoga for Runners at JackRabbit Sports,
Melisse Gelula (at left) and Alexia Brue of Well+Good with Mark Montgomery of JackRabbit

After class, the newly limber runners received week-long passes to any New York City location of YogaWorks, and Evolve Kefir poured some yummy probiotics. We can’t wait to do it again. Stay tuned…

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