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Yoga jackYou won’t find the ubiquitous “yoga purple” in YogaJack’s product catalog, just black and muted olive green. That’s because this new purveyor of yoga goods is making mats, straps, and bags for a very specific audience—men.

While yoga was traditionally a male pursuit, its explosion in the West has been dominated by women. But in the past couple of years, that has started to change—with celebs like Adam Levine and Russell Brand toting their mats everywhere, and the arrival of no-girls-allowed classes.

YogaJack, which just launched, is ready to outfit these yoga dudes with props that meet their specific wants and needs. Color is one difference, but size is the biggest. YogaJack’s mat ($69) is 72″ long instead of the standard 68″. It’s also extra thick, which some men who quickly wear holes in their mats with their big, heavy feet, might appreciate. (That’s just a personal observation.)

And the company’s yoga bag ($19) is decidedly more masculine in style. Maybe it’ll be the Jack Spade of yoga?

YogaJack’s possibly unintentional That’s-What-She-Said marketing may also appeal to dudes. Read: “Bigger, Longer, Better.” If the company is successful, we might see more men on mats in yoga class, and more brands catering to them. —Lisa Elaine Held

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