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The Little Yoga MatThe Little Yoga Mat is making the first yoga mats for yogis under the age of 4. It’s a niche that the company’s founder, Jensen Wheeler Wolfe, came to serendipitously.

“I was teaching yoga at my daughter’s pre-school and cutting adult-sized mats into quarters for the children,” she explained. The small mats proved a helpful teaching aid and the children loved having their own mats. After class, several parents asked her where they could buy one, The Little Yoga Mat was born.

The eco-friendly mats come in two styles, lotus and sun (the cheerful illustrations also help teach body placement). The toddler-tastic dimensions, 14” x 36”, make these mats a good deal smaller than other children’s mat on the market, which are 24” x 48”  and designed for kids over five. Finally, a mat for happy babies to do their famous pose. –Alexia Brue

The Little Yoga Mat, $25,